September 28, 2006


I don't want to jinx anything, but everything seems to be coming together. We closed on the sale of our old house on Tuesday and we go to closing tomorrow on our new house. We move Saturday and I'm sure I'll go into labor on Sunday, just to have something to do. Thanks to all for the good wishes, kind thoughts and prayers. It all seems to be working!

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September 22, 2006


My apologies to all of those who are still celebrating National Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I'm trying to keep it together, folks. I really am. But this stuff ain't easy. Seriously. I'm carrying around another, fully formed human being inside my body (who still shows no signs of wanting to leave, by the by), I can't sleep half the time because I constantly have to get up to pee, I only have two pairs of shoes that still fit and we still don't know when we're going to close on this house. That isn't for lack of trying -- mine or the title attorney who is doing my closing (bless him. He's one of my favorite people on Earth right now, as he seems to be one of the only people who has the capacity to speed up this closing and is willing to do so). I'm just worn out. Carrying the baby certainly takes a physical toll, not to mention the psychic toll, and when you add in buying a house and practicing law, well, I'm terrible at math but I know that doesn't add up to anything good.

The biggest problem seems to be that I am losing my tolerance for the inane, the mundane and the stupid. Sadly, when you practice law, you run into all three of these things more often than one would expect. Don't believe me?

Yesterday I got a call from a Judge's law clerk informing me that there would be a status conference and hearing today in a number of cases and it would be set at a specific courthouse. Since the parish in which the case is set has three courthouses, no one ever knows which one to visit for hearings, so the result is lots of whiny lawyers roaming around these small town courthouses like cattle. It freaks out the court staff and is generally to be avoided. So, she called me to tell me the right location and asked me to send an e-mail to all the lawyers. Fine. No problem.

I did, and about five minutes later, they started. Yup, the phone calls. My personal favorite?

Caller: "Um, hello, Kitty?"

Me: "Yes?"

Caller: "This is Lawyer X and I was wondering if you could give me the location of tomorrow's hearing."

Me: "Well, as I said in my e-mail, it will be in Small Town A. I think that's right off the interstate. You should be able to find directions on the internet fairly easily. I would give you specific directions, but it's been over a year since I've been to that courthouse myself."

Caller: "Ooooooohhh! So, the hearing will be at the courthouse?"

Me: "Uh, yeah."

Caller: "Oh! I'm sure I can find that. Thanks!"

Where else would a hearing be? Was the caller expecting me to give them directions to the nearest gas station? Seriously, what? I got into the office this morning and had a voice mail, left at 7:20 this fine a.m., from a secretary asking me to call the lawyer for whom she works and give that lawyer directions to the same courthouse. Do I look like Mapsco? Last I checked, the location of EVERY courthouse in America is well documented, folks. Some people even go so far as to take tours of courthouses (apparently, there are no lawyers among these tour groups).

I don't know how much more of this I can take before I lose my shit. I'm trying to keep it together, but this is crazy.

You know, I just thought of an idea. I think that the best revenge will be to call up the folks who are holding back the closing on my house and repeatedly ask them for directions to my new digs. If that doesn't drive them crazy enough to set up the closing, I don't know what will.

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September 15, 2006

The Wait

Yeah, this is pretty much the part where I'm ready. No, we haven't moved into the new house yet, but I'm ready anyway. Ready for the baby, that is. I'm due in three weeks, and while I'm not terribly uncomfortable most of the time, I'm just tired of being pregnant. I have to admit, everyone has been nice to me. They all tell me how good I look and how I haven't gained much weight. I'm not sure if they're serious or if they're just saying that because they're scared of me since I'm bigger than they are. Either way, I'll take it.

Archi Sapper is out of town this weekend, so I'll be spend the next two days hanging out with Miss Maggie and possibly starting to pack. Okay, I probably won't pack. But I might unload the dishwasher. Okay, I probably won't do that until Sunday afternoon. But I'll probably watch a lot of t.v. and read a book. Yeah, that sounds good.

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September 11, 2006

I Always Get the Weird Ones

Today I received an e-mail from a fellow lawyer, advising that he is an official judge of our local roller derby, "Big Easy Roller Girls." Never mind the fact that I had no idea that we even had a local roller derby, I wasn't aware such things survived the '70s.

Since I'm obviously out of the loop, I checked out their website to see what I've been missing. Under the heading, "What are the derby rules?", it gives information about the basics, including rules regarding penalties. This may be the only known sport that penalizes players for fighting, but more specifically, for "bitch slapping."

*sigh* I don't even know what to say.

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September 06, 2006

I Can't Believe She Did It

I can't believe it. Is anyone else still watching Big Brother All Stars besides the poor folks at TVGasm and Television Without Pity who recap reality shows for a living? I can't believe Dr. Will was evicted! He's hands-down the best player in the history of reality television, which naturally meant he should've been immune from the theatrics of the hamsters.

Wow. Dr. Will is gone. Who knew?

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September 05, 2006

Fall Reading

Last night I finished Special Topics in Calamity Physics. It was really good overall. The first half was incredibly similar to The Secret History, one of my all time favorite books, but it developed its own style over time. I had read about a "big twist" of an ending on the internet, so of course, I was looking for clues as I got there. Even so, the ending came as a complete surprise to me and I'm still thinking about it today. That's definitely a sign of good writing.

And for my next read? Last night, I was bummed, thinking about how I had nothing exciting to read. That lasted until I read my e-mail this morning. I got an e-mail from the fabulous Brad Meltzer, who has just published his latest book, The Book of Fate.

I first became a Meltzer fan when I read his book The Tenth Justice. I really enjoyed the book and felt like it was a more entertaining version of Grisham. Since then, I've kept up with all his books, and was very impressed when I left a note on one of the message boards on his website, and he wrote me an e-mail! You can't say that about most authors. He's also currently doing a blog tour, and has a great interview with former first lady Barbara Bush

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