December 27, 2006


Well, I'm back at the coffee shop in Dallas where Archi-Sapper and I spent many hours post-Katrina surfing the internet and trying to find pictures of our house. This time around I'm just surfing the net paying my mortgage and drinking some tasty coffee while grandma babysits. Good times.

Christmas was good and I return to work next week -- ack! I'm also thinking about New Years' resolutions. Among them: (1) Take more baby movies/pics with our new camcorder; (2) Re-start my walking regimen (I'm seriously ready to drop the last 10 pounds of baby weight) and (3) Work on this flying thing. We'll see how it goes.

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December 19, 2006

Because I'm Too Lazy To Write A Real Post

Borrowed from Snooze Button Dreams.

1) How old do you wish you were? I'm good with being 32. I wouldn't want to be any younger, since my teens and 20's weren't exactly a thrill ride, and I certainly don't need to be any older.

2) Where were you when 9-11 happened? Driving to work wndering about Archi-Sapper, who was in Wisconsin doing Army training at the time.

3) What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Stomp back to my office and convince myself that it's a sign that I shouldn't be eating from the vending machines any more.

4) Do you consider yourself kind? Kind? Yes. Overly friendly? Not really.

5) If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be? I wouldn't.

6) If you could be fluent in any other language what would it be? When Archi-Sapper was in Iraq I tried to teach myself Danish. Seriously. Not easy to do. I don't know why, I just did. Look, I was really, really bored, and.....never mind.

7) Do you know your neighbors? When I was in law school I lived next door to an unofficial fraternity house. It was unofficial, as the fraternity had been kicked off campus and decided to regroup next door to me. We knew they would be having super-loud, all night parties when they would tack a Budweiser sign on their front door. They decided to get on our good side (the house full of law school students) by inviting us to their shindigs, since we were just dying to hang out with fraternity boys who were so well behaved they'd been kicked off the campus of the one of the country's biggest party schools. My neighbors at my first post-law school apartment left a note in my mailbox inviting me (and Archi Sapper) to an "underwear optional" party for New Year's Eve. We'd never even met them. After those experiences, I gave up on getting to know my neighbors.

8) What do you consider a vacation? Not going to work.

9) Do you follow your horoscope? Not really.

10) Would you move for the person you loved? Sure. He moved for me.

11) Are you touchy feely? Nope. Not even when I'm drunk.

12) Do you believe that opposites attract? It's possible.

13) Dream job? I don't have a job when I'm dreaming. Honestly, I really like what I do now, and I have this feeling that if I did some other "dream job", I'd find something about it I didn't like.

14) Favorite channel(s)? TLC, HBO

15) Favorite place to go on weekends? to sleep

16) Showers or Baths? I don't have much time for baths these days. Definitely showers.

17) Do you paint your nails? I would if I didn't chew them off first.

18) Do you trust people easily? No.

19) What are your phobias? Seriously? Besides a crippling fear of flying, I don't have any. But that's enough.

20) Do you want kids? You mean more than I already have? I definitely want the one I have. Not sure about more.

21) Do you keep a handwritten journal? Good Lord, no. If I did, I'd probably lose it.

22) Where would you rather be right now? Nowhere. I'm good right here in my living room.

23) What makes you feel warm and safe? Being in my living room with Archi-Sapper, the baby and the dog.

24) Heavy or light sleeper? Very heavy sleeper. When I was growing up, some fool drove into my father's truck that was parked in our driveway, smushing it into our garage. The police came and wrote a report, the entire neighborhood came over and I slept through the entire incident.

25) Are you paranoid? Well yeah, but I'm told that doesn't mean they're not out to get me.

26) Are you impatient? Depends.

27) Who can you relate to? A little bit of a lot of people but hardly anyone completely. See question #25.

28) How do you feel about interracial couples? How do I feel about them? I wish them well, just like every other couple. That's a goofy question. I don't think anything different about interracial couples than same race couples.

29) Have you been burned by love? Yes, but they were only third degree burns.

30) What's your life motto? I don't have a "life motto". I do have quotes I like -- one of my faves? Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around -- from the movie Vanilla Sky (which I actually didn't like very much, but I love the quote).

31) What's your main ringtone on your mobile? The one that comes standard with the Treo.

32) What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping.

33) Who was your last text message from? I don't remember. The last time I text messaged regularly was right after Katrina when that was the only way to reach other evacuees. Otherwise I don't text much since I'm not Paris Hilton. I know, I look just like her.

34) Whose bed did you sleep in last night? My own.

35) What color shirt are you wearing? Red.

36) What are you listening to right now? The Daily Show.

37) Name three things you have on you at all times? A purse, my Treo and usually a book.

38) What color are your bed sheets? Cream.

39) How much cash do you have on you right now? $1.50. That's a lot for me.

40) What is your favorite part of the chicken? I can't say I'm picky about my poultry.

41) What's your fav city/place? Oh, I have lots of faves. I love, love, love Big D, Austin, San Francisco, Carmel, Phoenix....the list goes on.

42) I can't wait till . . . I can catch up on sleep.

43) Who got you to set up a blog? Eh, that makes it sound like someone put me up to it, which isn't the case. But the majority of the blame for this three year long project mostly lays at the feet of Josh, who convinced me I could actually do it.

44) What did you have for dinner last night? Potato chips.

46) Have you ever smoked? I tried one cigarette once. Since I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, I didn't pick up the habit.

47) Do you own a gun? Um, no.

48) Tea or Coffee? Iced tea, definitely.

49) What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? Well, I just have so many bullets in that holster, how to choose.....I have no secret weapons, folks. Any rumors to the contrary are urban legends. You know, like weapons of mass destruction.

50) Do you have A.D.D.? I hadn't really thought about it.

51) What time did you wake up today? 5:30 a.m.

52) Current worry? I really should fly to Phoenix next year. How am I going to do that?

53) Current want? For life to stay this nice. And calm.

54) Favorite place to be? Our new house.

55) Where would you like to travel in the future? For someone who hates flying, it is ironic that the one place I want to go is so far away. I'd love to go to Brazil.

56) Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs? I dunno, man. The only thing I learned from Hurricane Katrina is that there's no telling what the future holds.

57) Last thing you ate? Potato chips. Yep, I'm a health nut.

58) What songs do you sing in the shower? I can barely bathe in the shower without injuring myself. Adding singing to the mix wouldn't be wise.

59) Last person that made you laugh? Archi-Sapper.

60) Worst injury you've ever had? I've been pretty lucky (knock on wood) injury-wise. I sprained my foot once when I was walking out of the courthouse during a fire drill.

61) Does someone have a crush on you? That is highly unlikely.

62) What is your favorite candy? Ooh, I love anything that has the potential to rot my teeth. Chocolate is okay, but Laffy Taffy and Jolly Ranchers are way better.

63) What song do you want played at your funeral? In My Life by The Beatles.

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December 14, 2006

Hello Mother, Hello Father

I feel like my son is going away to summer camp. I've been sitting here this evening using a label maker to put his name on all of his stuff -- bottles, pacifiers, blankets, crib sheet, etc. Monday he starts daycare and tomorrow I'll be dropping off this stuff and meeting his "teachers". They insist that we label everything so they can keep it all straight. If I had that many kids in my house, I'd lose all their stuff even with the labels.

I'm also doing laundry -- I keep finding cute little 0-3 month clothes that he hasn't worn yet. Since he turns 3 months in two weeks, we need to get hopping. I tried to pre-launder all of his clothes before he appeared on the scene, but I know I've fogotten some, so it's easier to just wash them again.

I can't believe it is almost Christmas and I'll soon be headed back to work. We have a Christmas party tomorrow afternoon and one Saturday night and I have a Christmas lunch next week. I'll be back at work in January -- crazy. Where did this maternity leave go?

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December 06, 2006

Reading Meme

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December 03, 2006

Body After Baby

This morning, Archi-Sapper and I got up early and dragged the baby to Audobon Park for a 5k run/walk. Although chilly, the weather was otherwise perfect for the event. It started at 9 a.m. and we pushed the baby in his stroller in the group with the other walkers. We finished in just under an hour, which wasn't bad for a mom who was pushing a stroller and had a c-section eight weeks ago!

It definitely made me want to resume my walking routine, however. I really enjoyed it and was missing the days when walking three miles didn't make my legs hurt. Of course, it would've helped if I'd worn better shoes. I wore the athletic shoes I bought at Target post-K (they were on sale for $11.25) and they aren't the quality you'd expect from $11 shoes. A word to the wise: mile 2.5 of a 5k is not the ideal time to decide that your shoes don't fit.

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